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Practice Areas

The Firm’s core expertise is Real Estate Law which includes advising clients on matters of property title and transaction structuring. We assist in acquisition and development of property and land including residential, commercial, agricultural, non-agricultural and industrial.


Our team is proficient in drafting transaction documents being Agreements for Sale, Sale Deeds, Development Agreements, Escrow Agreements, Loan Agreements, Mortgage Deeds, Title Reports, Leases and Leave & License Agreements. Additionally, we also advise on matters of formation of co-operative societies, condominiums and building associations and drafting constitution documents for their incorporation. Further, we represent several clients and family offices on matters of family arrangements, settlements, partition of property, release and relinquishment of rights in property and gift of property. The Firm is well equipped to advise on Indian Trust laws to enable clients to effectively hold assets in the form of trusts. The Firm advises on land and property laws such as Transfer of Property Act, Real Estate Regulatory and Development Act, Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act, Rent Control Laws, Registration Act and Stamp Duty Laws.


The Firm’s Real Estate practice comes from decades of experience in the field and proficiency as to the constantly evolving legislative landscape of the real-estate sector.

Core Areas of Experise:

  • Conveyance & Acquisition of Land & Property

  • Conducting Title Due Diligence 

  • Drafting & Negotiating Transactional Documents

  • Mortgaging and Financing of Land & Property

  • Incorporation & Registration of Co-operative Societies and Condominiums

  • Gift, Release and Relinquishment of Property

  • Partition of Property for HUFs, Partnership Firms & Joint Families

  • Lease & Leave and License of Property 

  • Escrow Arrangements

  • Advising on Title and Development/Re-development of Projects

Real Estate

The Firm advises many clients on estate planning and testamentary matters. The Firm provides legal expertise and guidance to help individuals and families navigate the complex legal issues surrounding the distribution of assets after death and assists it’s clients in drafting of wills & codicils. We impresses upon our clients the importance of clearly laying down the chain of devolution of their assets so as to ensure a smooth transmission between members of the family. The Firm advises several family offices on the most effective way to plan the future of their holdings and enable a clear chain of events. We provide consultations to understand the client's needs, goals, and assets. We undertake drafting of trust deeds and powers of attorney and obtaining probates, succession certificates and letters of administration to enable appropriate execution of the wills and distribution of the assets of the deceased. A well-designed estate plan can help minimize tax liabilities, and ensure that assets are adequately distributed according to the individual's wishes.

Core Areas of Experise:

  • Drafting of Wills & Codicils

  • Advising on Family Settlement 

  • Obtaining Probates, Letters of Administration & Succession Certificates 

  • Advising on Trust Laws and drafting Trust Deeds

  • Drafting and Negotiating Memorandum of Family Arrangement

  • Drafting Powers of Attorney

  • Advising on matters of Testate and In-testate succession

Trusts, Wills & Testamentary Matters

The Firm provides legal advice to clients on investments in to companies and other corporate entities which include investments in B2B and B2C businesses as well as  early-stage ventures. The firm undertakes corporate due diligence and preparation of due diligence reports. We provide end to end legal services for corporate transactions by advising on transaction structures for investments in to companies, acquisition of businesses and drafting transactional documents including Investment Agreements, Share Purchase & Shareholders Agreements. The team also assists with preparation, negotiation, and review of business contracts and agreements, such as Partnership Agreements, Vendor Contracts, Supply Chain Agreements, Profit Sharing Agreements, Business Conducting Agreements, Service Agreements, Warehousing Agreements and other such commercial contracts. The Firm also assists clients with incorporation of Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships and in undertaking the necessary compliances. The Firm provides legal services to corporations and businesses on registering, licensing and/or transferring intellectual property. Further, the team advises on employment laws, employment contracts, termination of employment, and other matters on compliance with labour laws.

Core Areas of Experise:

  • Drafting & Negotiating Transactional Documents 

  • Acquisitions and Private Placement Offers

  • Advising on Share Purchase & Share Holders Agreements

  • Drafting Constitution Documents

  • Conducting Corporate Due Diligence

  • Drafting and Advising on Partnership Agreements, Vendor Contracts & Business Contracts

  • Assisting and advising on statutory compliances 

  • Providing advice on transaction structures

  • Preparation of Due Diligence Reports & Issues Reports

Corporate Law

The Firm Advises clients from the Media & Entertainment  Industry which includes advising clients such as  actors, singers, authors, publishing houses, studios and production houses in respect of  revenue share agreements, distribution rights, intellectual property ownership and employment contracts.

Core Areas of Experise:

  • Advising on Brand Partner/Creative Partnership Agreements 

  • Advising & Negotiating on Distribution & Merchandising Contracts

  • Advising & Negotiating on Artist Management Agreements & Employment Contracts

  • Advising on Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Negotiating Sponsorship Agreements

  • Registration of Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents

Media & Entertainment
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